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Egypt bans US blockbuster movie Matrix Reloaded - 06-11-2003
The Hollywood science fiction hit movie Matrix Reloaded has been banned in Egypt for threatening to offend traditional religious views on the creation of humankind, the chief censor revealed.

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by: hunville
06/12/03 03:00 am
Msg: 1712 of 1722
Phuck the Effeminet K Reeves......i didn't buy a his shit for a second ..Simply Mucho role doesn't befit him..I was the only one laughing in the movie theatre...
MATRIX is all about saving ZION..Well guess what ??!!!\Phuck ZION i couldn't give rat ass about saving a place called ZION...Dingy murky filthy grimy rotten crowded tomb like place..WOW
At times I was totally siding with Agent smith...Especially when the Gay colony called ZION decided to dance and revel a la Moses people's orgy when he went up the mountain for the commands....wow
*we are a bunch of anal cross dressing Queers,we are about to be attacked and have our holy carp beaten out of our collective asses ..but hey what's a last debauch drunken binging phuckin' nighint is going to harm????*
Whahhahahahahaha true ZIONIST CRAP par excellence.......................

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