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Missiles seen as growing menace to airliners - 01-16-2003
WASHINGTON -- U.S. officials are increasingly worried that terrorists will use shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles to shoot down one or more U.S. airliners. The concern comes in part because such attacks would be so devastating, but also because intelligence information suggests terrorists are making those attacks a priority.

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Wipe these damn Muslims out
by: victoriansherlock
01/16/03 01:03 pm
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I never had a beef with Muslims at all until the last few years. Their behavior is vile and no matter what "reasons" they give there is no justification for the violence and destruction they wage in every corner of the world. If we don't kill them then at least send them back to their backward "societies" (and I use that term lightly) and seal their borders shut because they can't handle civilization. What more proof do you need than the last few years? Separate them so the civilized people of the world can get back to living our lives. The western world built up this world's technology like sky scrapers and airplanes to make things a little easier and more pleasant for people all over the world. Now these base, spear chuckin' Cromagnons seek only to destroy the world. They're all about death and destruction. Look at thier sick, twisted middle eastern cultures...look at the countries they come from. Does the world need such filth? The world would be far from perfect without Muslims ...but it would be a damned site better! Remember when you could fly in an airplane to take a vacation and visit family? Remember when you could go to work and not worry about your building being blown up? The world as it was before Muslims immigrated to western countries in the millions. Open your eyes people!

Oh, and bleeding heart liberals who are too comfortable in their lives to do anything but bite the hand that feeds them need not post their twisted comments. They are always so good at taking a good and right concept like freedom and twisting it into unrecognizable contortions. "Defending" the poor Muslims and talking about America deserves this because we are big bad imperialists. Without the empires of the UK/U.S. this world would look like one big Zimbabwe. Without the UK/US (which is based on the western concept of Judeo-Christian ethics) these concepts of fairness, charity and objective morality wouldn't even exsist for them to benefit from while whining about how bad we are and desrving of the evil, G-dless societies that come after us out of sheer jealousy and destructive impulses.

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