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Stonehenge - and other meditative tools

     I really donít have a lot to add on Stonehenge other than I believe it served the same purpose as the American Indian stone wheels. That is it was a place for people to visit, perform ceremonies to aid in the acquisition of enlightenment and consequently meditate, observe the stars, the changes in the seasons and ponder the meaning of their lives.  For more on this subject please read the Wisdom page.

    Below I've collected a few examples of 'spiritual' maps used by various traditions for meditative  practices.  It should be clear these can also be viewed as models of the human brain specifically the neo-cortex. 



Bagua Diagram

    Please consider that in a technologically advanced culture the relatively rare INTJ personality type makes up a disproportionate percentage of low level hardware and software engineers, while in other cultures it's reported they make up a large percentage of monks.  (For more on this evidence please see CPU and AI.)


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