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Emerging Pattern (Another "Beautiful Mind"?)

In today's world we reduce all events to the Principle of Cause and Effect (causality) and ask, which cause belongs to which effect. Carl G. Jung, toward the end of his life, realized that there is another type of events. Such events are directed toward a goal, that is, they lead into an event which has no cause. Therefore, they correspond to a new creation. In religious language such "effects" without "cause" were considered as miracles. The Catholic Church calls the underlying principle the providence of God.

When one observes one's dreams over a longer period of time, one becomes aware that often outward events occur that are very similar to the content of one's dreams. It would seem that the inner world and the outer world coincide. Carl G. Jung had suggested that one should - instead of looking for a magical relationship, as they did in medieval times - try to find the common meaning of such relatively simultaneous inner and outer events. The principle that underlies this nexus he called synchronicity.
- Remo F. Roth, Ph.D., Introduction to Carl G. Jung's Principle of Synchronicity

Profile: Parallels between the movies and real-life tragedies  
February 10, 2003
...Timing is important when it comes to whether real life makes movie sequences resonate freshly or seem tasteless. ...Still, it's friendlier when Tinseltown plots a less nerve-wracking course. I mean, if there's even an alien invasion, I'm going to be a lot more interested in watching "Close Encounters" or maybe "E.T." than "Independence Day," and I bet I'm not alone. I'm Bob Mondello.


    It’s clear to me that a distinct pattern has emerged that deserves more explanation than simply Carl Jung’s identification of a collective unconscious where writers are consciously or unconsciously drawing from our shared mythology. I think the blending of myth and reality serves many practical purposes. One is that it's subversively informing people that their reality is undergoing a fundamental shift and they had better increase conscious awareness of this so it wont be so traumatic for them on ‘deliverance’ day (a.k.a Day of Purification or Judgement Day).  Another advantage is that these myths contain fundamental and complex truths within them. Upon enlightenment (induced artificially) those truths will be integrated with other memories fostering a more complete (intuitive) understanding. If the memory engrams were not there then no integration of those concepts could occur.

    Since apparently ¾ of most populations have a predisposition toward Sensing over iNtuition I suspect most people will remain largely ignorant of the relationships found in these hidden messages (before then end) but will benefit from remembering them upon integration (Si). The people most aware are those who are NxFx dominate and read the bible. Of course in the US and most countries these people are largely excluded from the political arena and will spread their perceptions quietly and subversively. Most of those who maintain the status quo are Sx dominant. They will attempt to maintain the norm until at an individual level they become convinced there are inconsistencies and will look for answers. Governments and their leaders will be the last to realize the trend. This trend is similar to one described in the book, “Unleashing the Killer App – Digital Strategies for Market Dominance” called “THE LAW OF DISRUPTION, OR SECOND-ORDER EFFECTS”. In their trend analysis they argue that with innovation, technology changes at an exponential rate then social change rate of adaptation is much slower, then slower still is business change and finally political change. You can see similar adjustments in regards to the chain of events begun on September 11, 2001.  For more on this subject see here.

    I believe in and utilize the scientific method. Because of my cognitive orientation I’ve always used it for discovery and discernment. While many scientists may be expert in one or more particular fields what the vast majority of scientists poorly understand is how to properly utilize and interpret that complex ‘machine’ that is themselves. By increasing your understanding of yourself you will gain conscious awareness of your own biases and begin considering evidential data that you previously dismissed when forming a hypothesis. Please consider the implications and possible historical application of the following.

"One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. 'Supernaturalism' is a null word."
- Robert Heinlein

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
- Arthur C. Clark

"Any sufficiently advanced ETI is indistinguishable from God."
- Michael Shermer

Shermer's Last Law
God is typically described by Western religions as omniscient and omnipotent. Because we are far from possessing these traits, how can we possibly distinguish a God who has them absolutely from an ETI who merely has them copiously relative to us? We can't. But if God were only relatively more knowing and powerful than we are, then by definition the deity would be an ETI!

Ergo, the probability that an ETI only slightly more advanced than we are will make contact is virtually nil. If we ever do find an ETI, it will be as though a million-year-old Homo erectus were dropped into the 21st century, given a computer and cell phone and instructed to communicate with us. The ETI would be to us as we would be to this early hominid--godlike.

Because of science and technology, our world has changed more in the past century than in the previous 100 centuries. It took 10,000 years to get from the dawn of civilization to the airplane but just 66 years to get from powered flight to a lunar landing.

Although science has not even remotely destroyed religion, Shermer's Last Law predicts that the relation between the two will be profoundly affected by contact with an ETI. To find out how, we must follow Clarke's Second Law: "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." Ad astra!

In Clarke's 1953 novel, called Childhood's End, humanity reaches something like a singularity and must then make the transition to a higher state of consciousness.

    I’ve not yet read "Childhood’s End" but it sounds like the identical conclusion I have drawn from my research. And if you are looking for an appropriately mind altering singularity/singular event I suggest you read my Pleistocene mass extinction theory that can be accessed from this overview page.

    As far as me or my perspective is concerned if you want to use fiction to try to provide examples that my finding these relationships is a sign of delusional schizophrenia you could refer to the film “A Beautiful Mind”. In the film the protagonist John Nash suffers from schizophrenia and thinks he has a top-secret assignment from the government to search for hidden messages of Soviet plans in American popular culture such as magazines, newspapers, etc.  In the film after he is temporarily relieved from his hallucinations and becomes consciously aware of what form they manifest, without medication he learns to consciously distinguish his hallucinations from reality and ignore the hallucinations.  This experience of 'awakening' to what is real and what is delusion is similar to my enlightenment.  The features of his top-secret assignment are manifestations of his dominant and secondary cognitive functions and his two principle hallucinations represent his inferior Feeling function in each attitude (i.e. the little girl is Fi and the fun loving roommate is Fe). Many other INTPs on a Yahoo! Club agree that Nash was clearly and without a doubt an INTP.  (Two other films which depict INTPs as leading characters are 12 Angry Men (1957) with Henry Fonda as Juror #8 (Mr. Davis), The Edge (1997) with Anthony Hopkins as Charles Morse.)   Here are one person's definitions of the INTP’s dominant and auxiliary cognitive functions.  His schizophrenia combined with the unconscious influence of these functions can explain the qualities of his ‘top-secret’ assignment and how he went about executing it.

Markku Jantunen's Definition of the 8 Functions
Ti is judging the validity of perceptions logically. Ti as a
mental process is a collection of threads of thought taking
concepts or percepts apart or pulling them together based
on rules and criteria.

Ne is perceiving abstract patterns and connections in
response to stimuli (either in the external world or in the
mind. ) Ne generates new information starting from
something existing. Ne focuses on future possibilities.

    However, the fact that I understand all of this and can support my observations with substantial physical evidence argues against delusion. Instead I think it makes more sense to view my web site and my perspective as more similar to Prot in the film K-PAX. Despite being locked up in a mental hospital and claiming he was from another planet, Prot was the most calm, rational, logical, considerate and enlightened character in the film. He helped cure neuroses in not only the patients but also the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist’s behavior could be identified as delusional because he refused to reason based on evidence, preferring instead his personal beliefs and limited view of reality.  Another fun film was Vanilla Sky where the psychiatrist was so unaware of himself he didn’t realize and couldn’t accept that he wasn’t real even when he couldn't remember his daughters' names. The seemingly illogical and fantastic conclusions I am drawing and some of the content of my site, e.g. ‘quantum consciousness’, and my use of wording like ‘extroverting intuition’ might lead some people into thinking I am somehow creating our reality from my mind as was done in Vanilla Sky, The Matrix or the story Lathe of Heaven which I saw was recently remade as a TV movie.  What do you think is the right answer?  I think I can influence the future, and the degree to which I can influence it is directly proportional to how accurately I comprehend reality.

"One might expect that the Flynn effect would be more clear for tests that emphasize culture or education. The opposite is true, however: the increase is most striking for tests measuring the ability to recognize abstract, non-verbal patterns. Tests emphasizing traditional school knowledge show much less progress. This means that something more profound than mere accumulation of data is happening inside people's heads. None of the scientists who have studied the effect can offer a simple explanation."
- Principia Cybernetica Web, Increasing intelligence: the Flynn effect

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.”- Anais Nin

"Reality is a fluid - perception designs the shape of the container into which it's poured.... "- Whispery Cat (interpretation)

Mind is the forerunner of all actions.
All deeds are led by mind, created by mind.
If one speaks or acts with a corrupt mind,
Suffering followers,
As the wheel follows the hoof of an ox pulling a cart.

Mind is the forerunner of all actions.
All deeds are led by mind, created by mind.
If one speaks or acts with a serene mind,
Happiness follows,
As surely as one’s shadow.
- The Dhammapada: The Path of Truth translated by Ananda Maitreya

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